Eolie chosen by Schuler Immo to install rooftop wind turbines

The Schuler group, the main actor of sustainable construction in Luxembourg, decided to equip their headquarter with three new Eolie-8m. Our vertical wind turbines will replace the old Honeywell turbines.

The Solarwind Building is the head figure of the Schuler’s know-how into “Zero Energy” buildings and push further every environmental standard. Each Eolie-8m will directly inject clean electricity into the local grid, providing a green mix of electricity for everyone.

The implication of EOLIE to develop new high-tech solutions for tomorrow’s energy had been recognize by Schuler which share the same convictions.

veolia eolie

EOLIE installs their vertical wind turbines for VEOLIA

The industrial group VEOLIA decided to install vertical wind turbines from EOLIE into some of their new stations. VEOLIA’s sites could now use an electric mix with green energy from our VAWT.

The first installation for VEOLIA will be done in December 2018 with an Eolie-6m.

catamaran sea explorer eolie verticale

EOLIE equips the catamaran Sea Explorer

2 Eolie500 equip the Sea Explorer, the new scientific catamaran.

The association Terre Marine take strong actions to explore, discover and understand ocean to protect it. In front of the environment emergency, all their energy is invested in science and pedagogy.

To fulfill their needs, EOLIE installed prototypes of the standard Eolie500, the vertical wind turbine.

Climatic change raises important and complex issues. We need a synergy between industries and associations dedicated to environmental protection.

You could find more information about Terre Marine there:

The Heat-to-E : innovation in cogeneration

ÉOLIE launched the Heat-to-E, a new system to provide electricity from a wood heater.
The system -based on Seebeck devices- converts energy from exhaust gases to direct current.

To know more, visit the dedicated web site :

2 new EOLIE-6m has been mounted in Belgium

On June 30th 2018, the firm De Troyer has inogurated its new modern plants in Alots, close to Bruxelle. The firm has choosen 2 EOLIE-6m to reduce the energie consumption and to show its involvment in new clean technologies.

The EOLIE-6m is an evolution of the EOLIE500, first vertical axis wind turbine designed and manufactured in France.

Energy of the 2 wind turbines EOLIE-6m will be injected on the grid, and locally consume by the plant. This easy way to produce and consume its energy convinced the De Troyer customer.

New wind turbine dedicated to school

On may 2018, ÉOLIE has installed the firsts wind turbines dedicated to education.
Courses and practical works will start in Rouen, to learn and show the energy transformation, the energy multi source mixing and the efficiency of the regulation of a wind turbine.

10 ÉOLIE500 installed on Centerparc Disney Resort

During 2017, ÉOLIE has mounted 10 roof adapted wind turbines on Disneyland new Centerparcs resort. This specifical development shew the efficiency of the ÉOLIE vertical axis wind turbines for buildings.