Our Vertical axis wind turbines

All the wind turbines designed by ÉOLIE are developped to be simple and easy to mount. Engineering and validation are focused on the concern to mount the vertical axis wind turbine - VAWT- without lift truck nor strong skills. The design ensure the mounter do not have to climb at 5m height to screw an element, and that he does not need to be an expert in electric installation.

The VAWT is designed to enable to anyone to mont the machine. EOLIE propose a range of different height : 4m, 6m, 8m height. The system is made to slowly raise the mast to its final position.

The wind turbines are sillentfull, aestetic and performant. As we produce internally the machine, we can set and tune them depending on the customer request.

Technical data :

-Darrieus hyperboloidal rotor, composite blades.
-4m, 6m or 8m height.
-Permanent magnet generator inside the mast.
-Integrated regulation electronic system inside the base.
-Unique architecture, simple to mount and mainatin.
-Automatic safety brake.
-Direct gird injection.

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