The EOLIE-6m is derived from the EOLIE500 with longer mast. Thanks to this configuration, it can catch and harvest higher winds, above small trees and hedges.

The mast of the wind turbine is made of galvanised steel. The mast is faced with 2 aluminium painted plates belong the customer's choice : white (RAL 9016), black (RAL 9011), or any other printed possibilities, such as wood printed. Its shape is slightly bowed, to tilt the fan of a few degrees, ensuring longer lifetime of bearings.

The wind turbine combines the vertical axis wind turbine benefits - noiseless, elegant, tolerant to variable winds - and the advantages of the darieus wind turbine - efficient, performant, well fitted electrical production torque curve.

Specific blades has been developped by EOLIE for this fan. The blades harvest and transform wind energy each time they cross the wind, like a sail boat crossing the wind. Complex 3D shape has been optimised to make the fan the more effcient. Each wind turbine is manufactured in our french workshop.


Darrieus wind turbines : sillentfull and efficient