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The mounting

You can install the ÉOLIE500 as simply as any appliance in your house.

The electrical installation is not modified.

The domestic wind turbine ÉOLIE500 can be connected to a simple dedicated outlet.

The windmill is deliverd as a kit. It can be mounted by the customer himself :

  • Without battery nor electrical external conversion box, it is simple to connect.
  • The design of the machine make it easy to raise, without using lifting truck.
  • Depending on the country, no or very few administrative form are required.

The energy that is injected into the grid can be used locally. All energy will be used without waste because no other transformer/inverter/battery is required. Efficiency and comfort are optimised : the building will use the energy of the wind turbine and complete it by the energy from the grid that will maintain power availability. The self consumption connection enable to benefit of a local energy source without comfort reduction.

The wind turbine got the european certification form the Bureau Veritas.

Mount it and plug it!

The installation of the domestic wind turbines of ÉOLIE has been though to make it easy to mount.

1. Choose a free area, with good wind exposure. Distance to obstacle shall be as big as possible, at least two time the heigh of obstacle.

2. Prepare the massive concrete accordingly to the notice (from 300 to 1.2ton of concrete, depending on the height).

3. Mount the wind turbine parts as a kit. Around 2 hours are required.

4. Plug it.

The house wind turbine will directly synchronised to the grid. The existing and unmodified switchboard will collect and distribute energy.