L entreprise-en

The firm

ÉOLIE is a french small entreprise created with the target to be an actor of the vertical axis wind turbine market. The target is to propose a solution to customer willing to better consume energy thanks to an additional solution for decentralised energy production. Since its creation in 2011, the firm develops and manufactures wind turbines for individuals and commecial buildings.

The wind turbines are produced within a human responsible concern, by involving local european suppliers and partners. The manager of EOLIE, Renaud Hesnard, is a french engineer expert in vertical axis wind turbine. His target is to raise ethe firm as an European actor in small decentralised energy production system and create a new reference brand.

A innovative young firm

ÉOLIE is a small innovative firm expert in designing and manufacturing grid tied vertical axis wind turbines.
Innovations thought up by the firm enabled to design a new and unique vertical axil wind turbine : the EOLIE500. This machine can be mount in a very simple way, and connect to a standard electric plug.

This alternative in energy production and consumption permit to the customer to reduce its energy consumeption from the grid thanks to self consumption principle. The firm, created in 2011, owns 2 key european patents in vertical axis wind turbine. It targets to be a referent actor in decentralised energy production systems.

A made in France production

EOLIE owns its unique Know-How and locally manufacture the wind turbines in its french workshop.

The two patents guarantee the unique properties of the wind turbines. They are focused on :
- The fan, that has an hyperboloid shape, and its composite structural blades. This innovation enable to get thin, resistant, and powerfull blades.
- The structure of the mast, tilted of a few degrees, that is maintained by a single bearing. This solution enable to increase bearing lifetime and to reduce number of wearing parts