Our Know-How

Our first Know-How : the Darrieus rotor.

After several years of development, tests and optimisation, we have achieved to obtain an optimum, sillentfull and safe vertical axis rotor. The exclusive and patented manufacturing process implies materials made by best suppliers such as SAFRAN. ÉOLIE internally makes the turbine and shafts with a unique manufacturing process to get the best efficeint Darrieus rotor.

The vertical axis wind turbine for low height masts

The Darrieus wind turbines are speciffically well fitted to energy production for small systems.

The behaviour and the characteristics of the Darrieus wind turbine made them the best solution to harvest energy from variable winds ( gusts, acceleration, direction changes) such as winds close to ground. At the contrary to the conventionnal "horizontal axis wind turbine", the "vertical axis wind turbines" (VAWT) do not require to orientate depending to the wind. The rotor is able to harvest energy whaterver the direction of the wind, even gusts.

During wind orientation shift, which is very frequent at low height, the vertical axis wind turbine -VAWT- keep on producing energy since the rotor maintain its efficiency. For this reason, they produce more energy than conventional wind turbine for small systems. It is well known that VAWT are the key technoloy for small application, and more especially the Darrieus ones, faster and more efficient than Savonius ones. ÉOLIE has developped the Know-How of the very particular aerodynamic and mechanical behaviour of these machines, and use it to produce VAWT for its customers.

Grid tied power electronic inverter

ÉOLIE has developped an easy to plug technology.

To make it the easier to mount and plug, ÉOLIE has developped a grid tied inverter, directly integrated to the wind turbine. By developping this generator fitted specific power electronic module, ÉOLIE has deletted the main small wind turbine inconvenient  : the complexity!

The vertical axis wind turbine -VAWT- owns the inverter that permanently measure both the grid and the wind turbine. It ensures the regulation of the VAWT and transforms the energy in synchronised 50Hz current. The energy is directly injected on the grid, in such a way it is avaliable locally, and usable by any electrical equipment. Batteries and external module are useless : energy is directly mixed to the grid network and contributes to energy consumption reduction.

Research effort

More other competences.

By maintaining its R&D effort, the firm keep on developping solutions to improve its wind turbine and enlarge its range of product.